Exploding Kittens: Streaking Kittens Expansion EKG 2EXP

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This is the second expansion of Exploding Kittens. Includes 15 new cards that change everything!

Exploding Kittens is a highly strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. Basically, if you draw an Exploding Kitten, you lose and you are full of loser sad-sauce. All the other cards in the deck help you avoid drawing an Exploding Kitten. If you don’t explode, YOU WIN! Congratulations, you are full of greatness!

  • The second expansion to the record-breaking game, Exploding Kittens.
  • Family friendly and easy to learn.
  • Includes 15 cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches) and instructions that refresh the core game, adding a new level of strategy and hilarity.
  • Each card features an illustration by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal.
  • Features the “Streaking Kitten” card which allows players to secretly hold an Exploding Kitten in their hand without exploding.
  • Must be played with an Exploding Kittens core game!

Ages 7+
Adds 1 Player to EK Games 
15 Mins to Play


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