Enchanting Craft Kit KMM K421
OVERVIEW From fantastical felt and fairy dust to spooky forest googly eyes and buried treasure gems, this kit has everything you need to create an entire cast of storybook characters. Included in the Enchanting Cosmic Craft Set. DETAILS 250+ pieces...
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Giant Crazy Crayon KMM K057
OVERVIEW Coloring will always be an adventure with our Giant Crazy Crayon. With 64 colors smushed together to form each crayon, you never know what color will pop up next. Not only that, each one is unique, making the crayon...
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Over The Rainbow Craft Kit KMM K527
OVERVIEW Our Rainbow Craft Kit features a chromatic collection of craft supplies. From fuzzy sticks and paper straws to googly eyes and pom poms, this kit has everything your color-loving crafter needs to exercise their imagination. INCLUDES 68 pom poms...
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Valentine's Craft Kit KMM K525
OVERVIEW Lovingly create a bevy of sweet crafts to share with your friends and family using our Valentine’s Craft Kit. Your handmade creations will make their hearts go pitter-patter. Included in the Valentine Craft Bundle. Pairs well with our other...
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