Ogre Kingdoms: Mournfang Cavalry (2011) GAW 95-14

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GAW 95-14
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The Mournfang Cavalry are arguably the heaviest of their kind, the Ogre Kingdoms utilizing them to brutal effect as a powerful shock force that can literally mow down
entire enemy formation in a great, thunderous charge. It is this bold resilience that attracts Ogres to Mournfangs -- for it is hard not to respect an animal that will
continue to bite and slash even when its brain has ceased to function. Ogres have tried to capture and break the beasts for mounts since they first encountered the
Mournfang, although for centuries every attempt ended in death or crippling injuries for the Ogres.

Over the years it has become a sort of rite of Ogrehood, as young aspirants head up the mountains in their attempts to capture one of the savage beasts. Few survive
the brutal encounter, for the Mournfang are strong enough to take down any Ogre Bull, but such are the rewards for claiming this mighty beast that many still continue
this fatal tradition, even at the cost of many lives.

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