Deadzone: Plague Troops Booster Set MGE MGDZP02-1

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Mantic Games
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Miniature Game

Bloodthirsty monsters created by an alien virus, the Plague exist for one thing only – to spread their contagion as far as possible. The third stage of the virus creates mutated creatures that still retain most of their higher brain functions, leaving them free to work the weapons and machines that their first- and second-stage brethren cannot. They operate in a fire support role with scavenged weapons, covering the larger and more deadly Plague creatures as they advance.

This set contains five premium plastic Plague Stage 3A miniatures (four with rifles and one with Heavy Machine Gun) plus bases. Including:

  • 4 x Plague Stage 3A with Rifle
  • 1 x Plague Stage 3A with Heavy Machine Gun
  • 5 x 25mm Mantic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic Requires super glue.


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