Brigadier General Gunnbjorn: Trollblood - Warjack PIP 71122

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PIP 71122
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The second iteration of Gunnbjorn has some similarities to his original incarnation in that both love their guns and are exceptionally dangerous with them, but Brigadier General Gunnbjorn takes a different approach to combat. Capable of stripping away enemy defense and defenses such as Shield Guard, all while commanding nearby models/units to shoot more accurately or more often, Gunnbjorn levels the field with massive amounts of firepower. His potent feat also encourages the use of many ranged area-of-effect attacks, as those guns will deal their full POW on blast damage instead of a reduced amount. This makes models such as the Trollblood Blitzer/Bomber (PIP 71058), Trollkin War Wagon (PIP 71065), and the new Trollkin Barrage Team (PIP 71123) excellent choices in any army lead by Gunnbjorn.

Faction: Trollbloods
Class: Model
Game Class: Model
Material: Metal
Model Type: Warlock


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