Warcaster: Grafter - Aeternus Continuum Solo PIP 84004

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PIP 84004
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A rank above the Vassals, the multi-limbed Grafters are the meat mechaniks of the Aeternus Continuum. Not truly members of the sect’s clergy, the Grafters maintain the Continuum’s warjacks and fighting forces in the field. Their duties include repairs, patching wounds, and administering combat alchemicals to boost the effectiveness of the forces they serve alongside. In a pinch, their anatomical knowledge and sharp blades can be paired to destructive ends.

The Grafter can Repair warjacks. While charged, the Grafter’s Adrenalizer grants nearby warrior models +1 ARM and immunity to continuous effects. The Grafter can spike to use its Resurrection Protocol special rule, enabling it to return up to two destroyed trooper models to their squad.

Faction: Aeternus Continuum
Class: Model
Game Class: Model
Material: Metal
Model Type: Solo


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