Downfall 3 - 5 Players 30 Minutes Ages 14+

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In the year 2213, the world order - as it had been known for a century and a half - came to an abrupt end during a 19-day war. The bombs began to fall on the third day, and by the 19th, 99% of the earth's population was dead or would be soon. Wars and conflicts have flared up again for decades, populations have increased, and the world government tries to quell conflict and maintain the status quo. However, in the most recent five-year period, conflicts escalated rapidly and the world order began to separate; the leaders were frightened and shot their fingers. No one knows who pressed the button in the first place, and in the harsh realities of the world that followed, no one cared. What matters is surviving and, if possible, rebuilding.

Each turn, players will simultaneously erase and play a card from their hand ("pack") to indicate their action for the turn. This can lead citizens or ships to explore or expand modular board, building structures, technology research, conflict initiation, resource production or harvesting, and radiation reduction. All of these things can earn points in different ways. If you can't store resources, they are left on the spot and are available to anyone present to use. Each card has an action and a minor version of another action, so you will never get stuck with not being able to do a particular thing, and you can also store cards for the future.

After all actions are completed, hands are passed to the next player and a new card is added to each. If a "Winter" card is added, it is discarded and replaced and the game timer advances. As the game timer progresses, both anticipated events (radiation spread, combat, citizen feeding) and unexpected events can occur. When the winter track reaches the end, the game is over, and the points are scored.

3 - 6 Players
90 - 150 Minutes
Ages 14+


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