• Warhammer - Largest Collection in Illinois

    Warhammer - Largest Collection in Illinois
    At The Hidden Lair resides one of the largest collections of Warhammer in Illinois. The store carries approximately the entire line of this tabletop game. Developed in 1983, ‘Warhammer Fantasy Battles’ was born by the company Games Workshop. 39 years later, it has now developed into one of the most discernible franchises in the industry. The Warhammer universe has since branched into both science...
  • The Largest RPG Book Collection in Illinois

    The Largest RPG Book Collection in Illinois
    Many of us have played board games and have also used the manuals that come with board games throughout our life. When you think of board games you often think of family game night, paper money, and endless fun. But did you know that there is a whole other way to play fun games with family and friends. Have you ever heard of a ...
  • AK-Interactive Diorama Series Review

    AK-Interactive Diorama Series Review
    AK- Interactive is a well known Spanish company that produces many successful series of products for modelers. Overtime AK has become well known for their wide range of paints, brushes, weathering products and effects. A great part of painting with AK-Interactive products is that you are able to buy and use high quality products without demolishing your budget! I recently dipped my brushes into...
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