Cheap Shot Card Game GUT 1005
The gloves are off in this game of biting insults and sassy blocks!Enter the ring with a hand of seven cards and prepare to dish it out and take it with this rummy-style game of insults. On their turn, players...
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Cheaper Shots (Cheap Shot Expansion) GUT 1006
Cheaper Shots adds to your base Cheap Shot game for an even edgier game.“Your Latest Gigolo / is urine soaked / and / is a spaz on the dance floor.”This is just an example of one of the hundreds of...
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Creeps of Keister Island GUT 1016
Spy, swap, and peek your way to the lowest score in this addictive card game of deception and fun.​In Creeps of Keister Island, your objective is to have the lowest score when any player goes over 100 points. How? Figure...
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