Plunderbund APE 3400
You lead a guild striving to dominate the market for illegal goods in the Sprawl, a city rich in history and lawlessness. Recruit and task a mob of agents, racketeers, ringleaders, spymasters, wizards and others to build your reputation by...
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The Stygian Society APE 3300
This is the Kickstarter version of the game, which includes a box sleeve, exclusive mid-boss, exclusive wizard, and Woes and Lamentations cards.The Stygian Society is a co-operative cube tower, dungeon crawl. Heroes work together to climb the cube tower; eliminating...
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The Stygian Society: The Cursed Library APE 3320
Scott Almes (The Great Dinosaur Rush) has created an entirely new Stygian Society experience with The Cursed Library. The heroes are famous authors trying to fight their way through the Cursed Library in an attempt to defeat the villain who...
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The Stygian Society: The Tower Laboratory APE 3310
The Tower Laboratory takes place in America during the early part of the 20th century. Four new heroes include the psychic, mechanic, electrical engineer, and chemist. Each has a new accompanying set of skills! 1-4 players ages 12+ 30 minutes...
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