• What's Happening At The Hidden Lair?!

    What's Happening At The Hidden Lair?!
    Happy Happy November Hidden Lair family! Here at the Hidden Lair, we have been hard at work. This month we have started using a new inventory management program called cin7. Cin7 will impact The Hidden Lair employees AND customers in valuable ways. We also have a few new products to check out below, along with the November event schedule! Since beginning this new program...
  • October Newsletter

    October Newsletter
    Welcome to The Hidden Lair, the ultimate sanctuary for gadgets and gizmos! If you are a geek at heart, or simply someone who's always on the look for the latest games, then you are in for a treat! Here are some new products that will soon be found at The Hidden Lair; AK Interactive: Deep Shades, Dragonbane RPG: Core Set, and Smash Up: Excellent Movies, Dudes!...
  • November Monthly Newsletter

    November Monthly Newsletter
    Events scheduled for November 2021 at The Hidden Lair!
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