Alien Wars - IEL 51269
Alien Wars is a fast, card-tossing game in which your goal is to become Master of the Galaxy; and to do this you need to eliminate everyone else from the galaxy. Then you can do whatever you want with the place.To...
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Arena: For the Gods - IEL 51389
Welcome to the Arena of the All-Powerful! Arena: for the Gods! is a fun and strategic battle game in which you fight each other to honor and please the gods who are watching you! Be bold to gain the best equipment and...
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Detective Charlie - IEL 51690
A Théo Rivière cooperative deduction game illustrated by Piper Thibodeau for 1 to 5 players aged 7 and up lasting 25 minutes. Detective Charlie Holmes needs your help to crack the case! Strange things are happening in her city of Mysterville, and mysteries must be investigated! Go...
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Guardians Chronicles: Night Squad - IEL 51206
A new team has arrived! This expansion for Guardians' Chronicles sets the stage for a new group of Heroes, taking their turn in the pursuit of Doktor Skarov. Control new characters with new powers and unique combat styles!  
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Guardians' Chronicles - IEL 51136
Doktor Skarov is pushing his evil agendas.  Fortunately the members of Liberty Patrol are here. The four of them. All protectors of the innocent and fervent defenders of freedom and they are going to thwart the nefarious plans of the...
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Guardians' Chronicles: True King of Atlantis - IEL 51208
The revolution is on! Under the oceans the revolt is growing. The son of a deposed dictator is determined to regain the throne. Cam you prevent it? This Expansion of Guardians' Chronicles introduces a new threat to fight: Aquarion and his...
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King of Tokyo: Cybertooth Monster Pack - IEL 51637
Cybertooth - a giant two-legged robot that can transform into a fearsome saber-toothed tiger - is about to hit the town! Infused with the power of the ancient berserkers, Cybertooth will settle for nothing less than the tiger’s share! Will you too succumb...
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King of Tokyo: New Edition - IEL 51314
New artwork, new monsters, same game: discover the new face of King of Tokyo! On the 5th anniversary of the release of the best-seller by Richard Garfield, King of Tokyo gets a facelift with a new version, entirely redone by a group of artists...
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Kitara - IEL 51682
Restore the greatnessof the Kitara Empire: Enlarge your territories through savannahs and antic ruins! Kitara is a strategy game mixing conquest, movement, and battle. Manage your cards to plan your actions: the more territories you control, the more options you...
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