Power Grid - Brazil/Spain and Portugal Expansion: Rio Grande Games RGG 403
Power Grid: Brazil/Spain & Portugal includes two new maps for Power Grid: Recharged or Power Grid.This expansion also includes its own box of the same dimensions as the Power Grid box so you can store your other expansion maps!The Brazil...
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Power Grid Deluxe: Rio Grande Games RGG 506
Power Grid Deluxe is based on the highly successful game Power Grid. However, it is not simply the same game with bigger, better and more beautiful components.  This version made especially for the 10th anniversary of the initial release of the game....
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Roll for the Galaxy: Rio Grande Games RGG 492
Roll for the Galaxy is a dice game of building space empires for 2-5 players. Your dice represent your populace, whom you direct to develop new technologies, settle worlds, and ship goods. The player who best manages his workers and builds...
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