Love Formula GGD JPG700
Love Formula is a card game for 2 to 4 players in which you try to create the perfect date for your favorite couples, while sabotaging your opponents' efforts to do the same! Players earn victory points by setting up...
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Love Formula: Lucky in Love Expansion GGD JPG701
Love keeps showing up in unexpected places, which is great news for a matchmaker like you! But sometimes the vagaries of chance can get in the way, so get ready to help your partners meet all of their relationship goals...
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Starlight Stage: Shining Star Expansion GGD JPG651
The Shining Star Expansion for Starlight Stage includes 13 Idol cards, 14 Producer cards, 27 Event cards, 6 Initial Idol cards. With this expansion set you can play Starlight Stage with 5 people and give your talent agency a wider...
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