Boromite Hatchling Swarms: Beyond the Gates of Antares WLG WGA-BOR-37
Lavan species abound within Boromite enclaves, kept, bred, and made use of as part of mining operations and to some extent simply as pets. Lavan creatures are fitted with technological implants that allow the Boromites to monitor them and control...
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Boromite Rock Rider Squad: Beyond the Gates of Antares WLG WGA-BOR-07
Rock Riders take to the battlefield sat atop Locomites or ‘rock steeds’ - a Lavan species that sometimes develops from a hatchling brood. They are similar in general morphology to lavamites but taller and more slender. They tower over the squat lavamites, which...
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Boromite Team with Heavy Frag Borer: Beyond the Gates of Antares WLG WGA-BOR-01
The Boromites are amongst the mostly heavily mutated of all human morphs in Antarean Space, with skin that is thick and scaly, broad, powerful bodies, and an almost inhuman physical strength. Their ancestors were genetically engineered in eons past to...
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