Bahamut: Premium Figure - D&D Attack Wing WZK 71985
Bahamut, King of Good Dragons, comes alive on the tabletop battlefield with this premium figure from the D&D Attack Wing line! These fantastic pre-painted premium figures stand several inches tall and tower over all of the other D&D Attack Wing...
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Dice Set: D&D Attack Wing WZK 71690
This Dice Set contains 12 poly-bagged dice (6 Attack Dice and 6 Defense Dice) for use with D&D Attack Wing.
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Wraith Expansion Pack: D&D Attack Wing WZK 71595
Dungeons & Dragons - Attack Wing: Wraith Expansion Pack contains 11 cards, 32 tokens, 2 maneuver dials, and 2 painted plastic Wraith figures with base and pegs.
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