Bloodrunner Master Tormentor: Skorne - Solo PIP 74041
Even the smallest motion or step a master tormentor takes conveys the potential for immediate death. The shadows find her wherever she strides, and those trying to track her motions amid the darkness discover their eyes are deceiving them. The...
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Dominar Morghoul & Escorts: Skorne - Warlock PIP 74104
After a lifetime spent bloodying his hands on behalf of others, Morghoul has emerged from the world of shadows to command a house like no other—the paingivers. In battle, Dominar Morghoul is attended by two paingiver escorts who aid him...
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Legends of Halaak: Skorne - Unit PIP 74089
They have now joined forces instead of fighting amongst themselves, these soldiers were once respected members of the warrior caste, Praetorians but now known as the Legends of Halaak and they spent the early years of their careers clashing with...
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Lord Tyrant Zaadesh: Skorne - Warlock PIP 74099
Zaadesh rose from a wounded soldier who few thought would return to the field of battle to an influential lord tyrant. In battle, Zaadesh empowers his army to strike with brutal precision and to punish those enemies within reach before...
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Scarab Pack: Skorne - Warbeast PIP 74084
These enormous, insect like creatures are native to the trembling waste. Skorne beast handlers drive scarabs, driven mad with hunger and then let them loose onto the battlefield ready to consume any living thing that crosses their path. The terrifying...
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Tyrant Commander and Standard: Skorne - Unit PIP 74043
Tyrants are the warlords whose efforts ultimately bring the Skorne to victory by dictating the precise flow of battle while serving the ranking dominars. Equal parts tactician and warrior, a tyrant stands alongside his men to lend his strength and...
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Venator Dakar: Skorne - Solo PIP 74100
With exaltation a remote hope at best, the ruthless warriors of the Venator caste take to the field for survival and victory instead. Relentless and cunning, Venator dakars are stern leaders with exacting standards. Under the watchful eye of a...
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Venator Reivers: Skorne - Unit PIP 74087
Venators have mastered a horrific and unique weapon that fires bursts of iron needles that shred their targets, also known as the reiver. With a lethal swarm of concentrated fire, Venators are able to tear into the most imposing targets...
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