Kings of War: Dwarf Forge Guard Detachment MGE KWD31-1

Mantic Games
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Miniature Game
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formations in a Dwarven army. Locking shields with each other, the deafening cry of the cannon resounds across the battlefield as the grim faced and determined Ironclad warriors, hammers in hand, wait to receive the inevitable charge.

This box contains 20 plastic Dwarf Ironclad Warriors and one Ironbelcher Cannon/Organ Gun, complete with 2 crew members and 3 Mantic Points.

This set includes:
  • 20 Dwarf Ironclad Warriors
  • 1 Dwarf Ironbelcher Warmachine
  • 1 Dwarf Ironbelcher Crew
  • 1 Dwarf Poster Guide and Sticker Sheet
  • 3 Mantic Point
  • 22 20mm bases
  • 1 Large Mantic Carry Case with Protective Foam

Supplied assembled and unpainted.


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