BattleForce Scale Level II Word of Blake: BattleTech - Mech Pack IWM 10-057
Set includes: Archangel Invictus/Dominus, Wraith, Hunchback, Emperor, Nexus & Gallowglass.Product Type: Battletech → MechERA New: Civil WarTech Base New: Inner SphereRelease Type New: In DistributionSpecial Type New: BattleForce Scale Mini MechsNOTE: These are a smaller scale then the normal sized...
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TRO 3085 Lance Pack: BattleTech - Mech Pack IWM 10-045
TRO 3085 Lance Pack (Includes Prefect, Thunderbolt, Karhu, Osprey Mechs) Product Type: Battletech → MechERA New: JihadTechnical Readout: 3085Source New: Technical Readout | 3085Tech Base New: MixedRelease Type New: In DistributionMini Info: Mech PackSpecial Type New: Mech Pack    ...
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Black Widow Company Lance: BattleTech - Mech Pack IWM 10-035
New Zeus-X, Uziel, Griffin, and BattleMaster Variants from Starter Book: Wolf and Blake.All Mechs come unassembled and unpainted. Product Type: Battletech → MechERA New: JihadTech Base New: Inner SphereRelease Type New: In DistributionMini Info: Mech PackSpecial Type New: Mech Pack
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