Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything WOC C78780000
A magical mixture of rules options for the world's greatest roleplaying game. The wizard Tasha, whose great works include the spell Tasha’s hideous laughter, has gathered bits and bobs of precious lore during her illustrious career as an adventurer. Her enemies...
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D&D RPG: Curse of Strahd Revamped WOC C87570000
Unearth the terror of Ravenloft in this boxed adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires....
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Warhammer Age Of Sigmar - Soulbound RPG: Gamemaster’S Screen CB7 2503
The Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Gamemaster’s Screen is an indispensable addition to every GM’s arsenal! Regardless of playstyle or experience level, the GM screen contains a wealth of useful information, with incredible artwork by artist Johan Grenier. The Gamemaster’s Screen: A three-panel landscape...
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Lex Arcana RPG: Mysteries of the Empire I AGS LEX005
Mysteries of the Empire I is a collection of short adventures for Lex Arcana - An Empire without End. This adventure book offers a wide range of dangerous challenges, epic deeds and world-shaking missions, suitable to be played as individual playing sessions,...
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Lex Arcana RPG: Encyclopedia Arcana AGS LEX004
In Lex Arcana - An Empire without End you are a Custos (warden) of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, sent by the Emperor to the four corners of the world to further the study of arcane lore, investigate forbidden cults, and face the...
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Lex Arcana RPG: Core Rulebook Hardcover AGS LEX003
Lex Arcana - An Empire without End is a roleplaying game whose unique setting merges history, mythology and legend. It is a world where Roman imperial legions clash with barbaric hordes on the field of battle, while ancient monsters, mystical powers...
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Lex Arcana RPG: Demiurge Screen AGS LEX024
The Demiurge Screen is the essential game accessory for Lex Arcana - An Empire without End, a roleplaying game whose unique setting merges history of Ancient Rome with mythology and legend. This Demiurge Screen is realized in full color cardboard, with the game...
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