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BPN 03971
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Imitating sounds is the first step to talking!

These double-sided flash cards prompt children to imitate the sounds they hear and encourage their first words. Each page features a simple, vibrant illustration and word describing a sound for imitation, which is the right stimulus for capturing a child’s attention at this stage of development. The sturdy pieces are bound together with a ring that can be removed for more convenient use.

Each set includes a guide prepared by child psychologist Agnieszka Ostapczuk containing information about early child development for parents. The guide explains the importance of encouraging brain development at an early stage and how Sounds All Around flash cards can help.


  • Playing with these flash cards:
    • develops listening and speech
    • trains the mouth and tongue
    • teaches the child first sounds for imitation
    • encourages the child to repeat and remember
  • Playing with a caregiver:
    • fosters better communication and social development
    • helps baby to learn about the world
    • prepares them to learn speech
  • A child-friendly, safe format provides exercise for little hands
  • The handy, medium-sized box with a practical, sturdy handle makes it a great gift

Set contains:
  • 7 double-sided flash cards on a ring
  • Guide for parents

Packaging dimensions:

Use only under close adult supervision


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