5th Edition: Dragons of Aihrde - Lesser Wyrms TLG 19334

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TLG 19334
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Within Dragons of Aihrde: Lesser Wyrms, you'll find a veritable host of dragons. But it is not the greater wyrms you've known, those chromatic dragons are for other tomes.Here you will find their cousins, the lesser wyrms.From the brutally violent Maegle Wyrm that grinds its prey to pulp to the far "gentler" Iris Dragon that paralyzes and feeds upon its victim for days.These dragons are creatures from our uncertain nightmares.

Like all dragons, lesser dragons (wyrms) are powerful creatures with magical abilities and uncommonly long life spans. These dragons are every bit as cunning, but not as intelligent as their more commonly known kin. They are smaller as well, few growing to over 20 feet in length. They are more animal in nature, less discerning in their actions, more concerned about hunting or breeding than hoarding treasure and unraveling the philosophy of men. They can be good or evil, but many are simply neutral; once again, closer to animals than magical beasts.

With these lesser dragons you can design encounters for low level or high level characters. Each entry comes complete with all the stats needed to unleash their fury, as well as descriptions, habits and ecology!


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