BattleTech at The Hidden Lair

Attention giant robot fans: The Hidden Lair is looking to start a new BattleTech campaign with gamemaster and Knight of the Lair, David Ames. That’s right, gamers, the old-school giant robot miniatures game is back and better than ever and we here at The Hidden Lair are looking for potential players wanting to get in on the action.


BattleTech is a tactical miniatures game where players take on the role of the pilot of an incredible giant robot – mech – of incredible destructive power. The rules are highly detailed but also easy to learn. Not only that, thanks to more than 25 years of game development and lore, BattleTech has a rich and highly detailed history and universe for the players to explore.

In addition to the new campaign, we are also looking into the possibility of starting up a Solaris VII League, an alternative style of play in Battletech that focuses more on Player vs. Player gladiatorial combat. Of course, as with any League play, we are hoping to set up regular tournaments with prize packages offered to the winners.

Game times are not yet set, as we are still looking for players so if you are interested then let us know. Also be sure to stop in for our Miniatures Workshop on November 22 as well as any of our planned Tactical Tuesdays – every Tuesday at 5pm here at The Hidden Lair – for more on BattleTech and how you can set started.

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