Hidden Lair: Game of the Week- Takenoko


The Hidden Lair will be showcasing Takenoko during the week of November 24th, 2013.

It’s a Panda Feeding Frenzy!!! This week on Table Top, a hit show starring Wil Wheaton, highlights the game Takenoko. We have purchased this game and will have it available next week to play on Family Game night, (every Thursday)! Watch this episode to see what this exciting new game is all about. It just might make the perfect Christmas present or be a great new addition to your personal gaming collection.

The players take the role of courtesans of the Nippon emperor and take on the role of caring for his Giant Panda by growing a bamboo plantation. Their mission: to farm parcels of land, irrigate them, and grow green, yellow or pink bamboo. In turn, they see what the weather brings and perform two actions from among those offered to them: get a new plot of land or irrigation channel, grow bamboo, feed the panda or draw an objective card.

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