Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Adventure Kit


Have you ever wanted a few more cogs in your D&D or Pathfinder game? If so, then look for adventure in the Iron Kingdoms. Based on the popular Warmachine Miniatures line, Iron Kingdoms is a table-top role-playing game about steam-punk fantasy. Wield awesome magicks, wield weapons augmented through the power of magic and technology, and even control your very own Steamjack, powerful constructs powered by a combination of steam and sorcery.

Does any of that sound good? Well, you can drive right into the game with the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Adventure Kit. It comes with a bunch of models (no assembly required), double-sided map tiles, 4 playable characters, an adventure guide, and a mini-rulebook to get your started. Its the perfect place to start your adventures in the lands of Immoren.

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