Kaijudo: What Parents Need to Know


One day your child comes to you and says, “Can I go to The Hidden Lair and play Kaijudo?” If you are like many of our parents you thought, “Kai what?” or “Judo, you want to beat people up?” or “the Where? Who’s Lair?” No, it’s not made up! It’s Kaijudo Duel Days at The Hidden Lair, and, for only $10, it may be the best thing to happen to your Saturdays in a while!



Kaijudo is a card game for kids 8 and up; even adults! There are five types of cards: Light, Darkness, Fire, Nature, and Water. Each type contains creatures, mana (fuel for action), and spells that the player uses to destroy the opponents shields and defeat them. First time players receive a starter deck and personal attention from our staff to help them learn to play. Every time they return to Duel Days, they receive a booster pack and may also receive a special promo card. This keeps your out-of-pocket expenses down while your child builds their collection. Your child will have the opportunity to meet new kids as they participate in dueling different opponents, and could win prizes!



So why is Kaijudo really the best thing to happen to Saturdays? Play begins at 11:00am and lasts an average of 2-3 hours depending on the number of players. That is 2-3 hours to shop, get a mani/pedi, or just stare at the wall and bask in the silence! The Hidden Lair also provides lunch and a drink with entry fee. Peace and Quiet AND Lunch for 2-3 hours for only $10.00! Give Kaijudo a try and see for yourself!



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