The Loop Game Review

The Loop is a firefighting cooperative game that uses a deck building engine for you to manage your fighting against the evil Dr. Foo. There is deck building and movement around the board during the game. Dr. Foo is attacking through time to cause time rifts. The board is split into 7 different parts that represent many different eras of time. The name of the game is to complete 4 objectives before Dr. Foo destroys the timeline, or the game runs out of time.

I personally really enjoyed The Loop! It is an intriguing deck building game that is essentially a giant puzzle. There is a fair amount of equilibrium between building up a good hand and your typical firefight on a board. The looping in this game is very clever and makes the game lots of fun to play! Early in the game, you are motivated to get to eras that will help your deck and this causes the path of your hand to be set early on. I also really love the ability to collaborate with other players. It is nice that this game is less prone to an alpha player taking control over the entire game.
Overall, The Loop is a fantastic game to play! It is fun, challenging, and really makes you think. I highly recommend adding this game into your collection, or to play on your next game night!

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