• Star Munchkin Deluxe

    Star Munchkin Deluxe
    ”In space, no one can hear you squee!” Grab the nearest red-shirt and kick in the hyperdrive, its time for Munchkin… IN SPACE!!! That’s right. Its time to kill the monsters, steal the treasure, and stab your buddies, but this time you get to do it in space. Munchkin is the hilariously awesome fantasy parody cooperative/competitive game from Steve Jackson Games, and with this...
  • Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Adventure Kit

    Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Adventure Kit
    Have you ever wanted a few more cogs in your D&D or Pathfinder game? If so, then look for adventure in the Iron Kingdoms. Based on the popular Warmachine Miniatures line, Iron Kingdoms is a table-top role-playing game about steam-punk fantasy. Wield awesome magicks, wield weapons augmented through the power of magic and technology, and even control your very own Steamjack, powerful constructs powered...
  • New HeroClix Monthly OP Items Marvel February

    New HeroClix Monthly OP Items Marvel February
    Hey all you HeroClix fans out there. The Hidden Lair just got in a fresh batch of some of the incredible new Marvel HeroClix promotional figures including Cable.WolfsbaneAnd GladiatorThese great Marvel characters are usable with their respective team bases and will look great in your HeroClix collection. Interested in getting your hands on some or all of these? Come on into the store and...
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