February Newsletter 2014


Demo Game Of The Week
February 7th – February 13th: Pillars of the Earth
February 14th – February 20th: Robinson Crusoe Adventures On A Cursed Island
February 21st – February 27th: Descent Journeys In the Dark
February 28th – March 6th: Settlers of Catan

Each week we will choose a game to feature for Demo Day. Come into our store and let us show you how to play! We also carry a large variety of other games for you to check out at your leisure. Bring the family in and make it a family game night to remember! Our demo game section is free for use whenever you like. We also have a very friendly staff that can help with any game you would like to learn.

February Friday Night Magic or FNM promotional card
February Kaijudo Duel Days promotional card

Monthly Sponsored Donations (5% sales): Childhood Cancer Research
- Jessica Ann Helldoerfer will be raising money for childhood cancer and we will donate 5% of our sales this month to her cause. She plans to shave her head if she reaches her goal of $6500!! Go Jessica!!! If you have a group you would like to nominate, please let us know. We will pick a new one each month!

The Born of the Gods Pre-Release was a huge success. We had over 20 people for our midnight pre-release and double digits for all of our secondary events. Chris Earp won a box of Born of the Gods with the winning ticket. Tickets are earned throughout the print run of a set and then drawn at the pre-release event for a chance to win a free box of boosters before the set even releases! The box is given to the lucky winner on Sunday at the end of the pre-release weekend. Congratulations Chris!

Yu-Gi-Oh day was a huge success also with double digit turn out! Yu-Gi-Oh day is celebrated with a tournament where we give out a special unique game day players mat. Players came from many of the surrounding towns such as Springfield, Warrensburg, Atwood, and Forsyth. Brad Boyd was our Yu-Gi-Oh day winner and four time Champion of the Lair! Congratulations Brad!!

The Mt Zion, IL library will be hosting its monthly Kaijudo training session on February 20th, 2014 at 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Nourishment is provided and we have skilled veterans available to help train these young warriors in the art of CCG dueling. For registration information please contact 864-3622. We are currently in talks with Argenta and Oreana libraries and training camps will be opening there very soon as well! If you would like us to open a camp near you, just call the store and ask for Carmen.

Official Lair League play has started and we plan to announce specific details during the month of February for each game. That information will be displayed on our Official Hidden Lair League Page. Please see Andy Still at the front desk during your next event to get registered for league play.

Magic the Gathering game day is scheduled for March 1-2, 2014. This is a structured event with tons of prize support including promo cards, packs, and a slick Born of the Gods play mat.

Yu-Gi-Oh’s Legacy of the Valiant was released at the end of January and we still have it in stock. The latest Netrunner data pack, True Colors, is in stock and we are currently taking pre-orders for the next expansion, Honor and Profit. Born of the Gods will be available for sale starting Friday February 7th, 2014. We will have Fat Packs and Boosters in stock. So Decatur gamers, Contact our store for details. 217 864 1851

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