July 2014 Kaijudo Duel Days in Decatur, IL WPN Gamers


Are you ready for the next Duel Day Promo Blistiring Tatsurion. A 6 cost Evolution that can go on any Nature Creature with Double Breaker, Thornshot, Quilspike Defender, and Unleash. Unleash allows you to remove a card from under this card and this card gets +3000 Attack for each other creature in the Battle Zone. Thornshot gives this creature Triple Breaker while it has 12000 or more attack. Quilspike Defender says none of your other creatures can be attacked. This card is amazing!!! We receive these cards at the same time we get the Friday Night Magic promos, and will give them to players competing in the weekly tournament for Kaijudo. Our tournaments are being held every Saturday at 11:00am. 

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