What's Happening At The Hidden Lair?!


Happy Happy November Hidden Lair family!

Here at the Hidden Lair, we have been hard at work. This month we have started using a new inventory management program called cin7. Cin7 will impact The Hidden Lair employees AND customers in valuable ways. We also have a few new products to check out below, along with the November event schedule!

Since beginning this new program we have also started counting all the inventory in the warehouse. This task involves scanning each and every product in the warehouse to get accurate counts in our system. By doing this we are able to stay on top of all our orders at The Hidden Lair. This was such a daunting task that has been on the to-do list for awhile now. Every employee at The Hidden Lair has been helping get back on track with our inventory to better serve you! Counting all the inventory and using cin7 is going to keep The Lair organized, accurate, and will lead to greater customer satisfaction. Below are the some new products to check out and the November event schedule!

The Lord of the Rings RPG: Ruins of Eriador Campaign (5E):

Step into the epic world of Middle-earth with the Lord of the Rings RPG: Ruins of Eriador campaign. This immersive 5e adventure introduces players to an untamed and perilous region filled with ancient ruins, dark secrets, and legendary beings. Set against the backdrop of the Third Age, players will assemble a diverse party of heroes, from brave warriors to cunning hobbits, as they embark on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth behind ancient mysteries and thwart the growing darkness. With its rich lore, compelling storytelling, and thrilling encounters, the Ruins of Eriador campaign offers an unforgettable role-playing experience for fans of Tolkien's timeless masterpiece.

G.I. JOE: RPG Ferocious Fighters - Factions in Action Vol. 1 Sourcebook

Join the ranks of the legendary G.I. JOE team or the nefarious COBRA organization in the action-packed RPG Ferocious Fighters - Factions in Action Vol. 1 Sourcebook. This thrilling sourcebook delves deep into the multifaceted world of G.I. JOE, offering players an opportunity to immerse themselves in a gripping storyline, intricate tactical combat, and intense espionage missions. Take command of iconic characters, such as Duke, Snake Eyes, or Baroness, as you navigate treacherous plots and engage in pulse-pounding battles. With detailed faction profiles, weapon systems, and thrilling scenarios, this sourcebook is an essential addition to any G.I. JOE fan's collection, bringing the epic battles from the comics and animated series to life like never before. Will you fight for freedom as a Real American Hero, or embrace the shadowy allure of COBRA? The choice is yours in G.I. JOE: RPG Ferocious Fighters - Factions in Action Vol. 1 Sourcebook.

American Psycho - A Killer Game

"American Psycho - A Killer Game" is an intense and thrilling board game that dares players to step into the twisted mind of a psychopathic killer. With a compelling narrative and immersive gameplay, this game challenges players to strategically plan and execute heinous crimes while evading capture by law enforcement. Immerse yourself in the dark and chilling world of this game, where decision-making, manipulation, and deception are key to becoming the ultimate American Psycho. Are you ready to embrace your inner killer?




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