Magic The Gathering: Journey Into Nyx Pre-order

The third and final set in the Theros block for Magic: The Gathering, Journey into Nyx features 165-cards and is introduced in Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Event Decks, and Fat Packs. The third set of the block, Journey into Nyx, is a small set consisting of 165 cards. The set will complete the cycle of ten dual-colored “demigod” cards that debuted in Born of the Gods, as well as the cycle of ten “scry lands” that premiered in the first set of Theros. We will have this set available on May 2nd for Friday Night Magic in Decatur, IL. However, you can pre-order the set now at the prices below, just like Born of The Gods pre-orders. We will also be holding a pre-release for Journey Into Nyx, where customers can win a full box before the set is released and compete in a sealed tournament with boosters from this set. It is a great long event.

Call our store for details. 217 864 1851

Booster Display (36 booster count)
SKU: WOC WOC A42120000
SRP: $143.64
PRE ORDER: $99.99

Fat Pack
SKU: WOC A42150000
SRP: $39.99
PRE ORDER: $35.99

Intro Pack
SKU: WOC A42160000-S
SRP: $14.99
PRE ORDER: $13.99

Event Deck
SKU: WOC A42170000-S
SRP: $24.99
PRE ORDER: $22.99

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