January 2014 Friday Night Magic or FNM near Springfield, IL

The new January promo cards are in for Friday Night Magic in Decatur, IL. Last month the December FNM promo was pretty cool, but I have to admit these new cards are a great way to start off the new year! A red/white card that deals four damage and allows you to gain four life is pretty amazing. We have been open now for about 2 months and our customer base is growing for every one of our games such as Kaijudo, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Heroclix.  “We are even starting to get players from some of the surrounding towns like Springfield, Warrensburg, Cerro-Gordo, Bloomington, and Champaign. I believe that some of our growth can be attributed to our generous prize support, which is better than any store within an hour or two of us, and of course Andy, (store manager, owner, and gaming master). It is Andy’s passion for gaming as well as his quick wit and friendly demeanor that really makes our store stand out. My main goal is to give back to the gaming community and I have chosen to do this with very generous prize support and the Demo Section. We have a huge collection of demo games and are willing to add to that section for games that our customers may be interested in.”, said Derrick Bradshaw. So come on out to The Hidden Lair. If tournaments are not your thing then feel free to grab a game from our demo shelf or join an already in progress game. It is normal to find at least one or two games going at any time. Check our website for scheduled events and contact us to request a new event, 217 864 1849

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