January 2015 Friday Night Magic or FNM Decatur, IL




Let's start the new years off right with Friday Night Magic promo cards. This month we have the Frenzied Goblin, a 1/1 Goblin Berserker that comes into play for only a single Mountain and whenever it attacks, you can choose to pay 1 Mountain to make a target creature not be able to block that turn. This makes this little ball of green-skinned fury a great early play card, as you can score some easy damage early on, or a powerful late game addition as you can use him to harry your opponent’s blockers so they cannot defend against your big, heavy hitters.

Make sure you are here, at The Hidden Lair, for Friday Night Magic and take your shot at earning the title of Champion of the Lair.

Remember, you can also place your vote for our first ever Vote for your Favorite Teacher event. Voting ends February 1st.

Also be sure to check out our ever expanding Demo Section while you are here and be sure to take advantage of our 3 for $10 deal on Games Workshop paints.

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