Kaijudo: The 5 Mystics Saturday March 15th, 2014


Save the World From Destruction!

Unable to stop the rampaging of the Choten’s twisted army, the Duel Masters’ only hope now lies with The 5 Mystics of the creature realm and their all powerful Absolute Spells. In this set, players can secure all five Civilization Mystics and their Absolute Spells in order to win the battle and save the day!

This event will be very similar to a booster draft in Magic The Gathering. The cost for this event will be $20 which will cover lunch and 4 boosters of the new set. Once players are seated, our staff will hand out 3 boosters to each player. 45 minutes will be given to each player to assemble a deck. Instead of using the normal deck construction rules, players’ decks must be built with at least 30 cards and my include more than 3 of any single card. Once the decks are constructed, tournament play will commence as normal with one difference. Players are allowed to add/remove any cards from the deck with any cards opened up within the 3 packs between rounds of play. The tournament will be three rounds and prizes will be awarded to everyone based on number of wins.

Three wins – 3 promo cards
Two wins – 2 promo cards
One or 0 wins – 1 promo cards

After the tournament, time will be allotted for trading. There will be a great deal of new cards between packs and promos and trading is not allowed during the tournament. This will allow players an attempt to complete a play set, (3 of the same card), of the cards they like.

We have three promo cards that will be handed out during this day. First, we have the March Duel Days promo card, which is an amazing blue card that allows you to draw. The second card, a yellow spell card specific to 5 Mystics named Reckoning. This spell has a casting cost of 7, but allows your creatures to win every battle until the start of your next turn. I think this card would be used in the event you find yourself locked with your opponent. The third card, also specific to 5 Mystics, is a duel blue/green blocking creature card. Most notably is the special ability Spirit Guide, which allows you to look at the top 3 cards of your library and if one of those is a creature card, put it in your hand.

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