Yu-Gi-Oh New Booster Set: Shadow Specters


Yes! We have Shadow Specters! A new booster display box for the amazing card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Street date is Friday November 8, 2013 and will have them in our store now!! We also have a Yu-Gi-Oh win a box tournament on November 10, 2013 where the winner will receive a box of this Halloween horror expansion.

Vampires take front and center in this 100-card expansion set for the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. A whole series of new Vampire monsters, spells, and traps! Plus, check out the pranks and mischief of a haunted house filled with lovable spooks! And, as evil threatens the kingdom, Noble Knights gain support to defend it, including new Xyz and Synchro monsters, a new Knight, a new Noble Arms card, and a card inspired by the Lady of the Lake herself! Even the Monarchs go to a new level with the first of the new, and even more powerful, Super Monarchs! Offered in 24-count displays or sold separately. We have a limited supply so hurry in!

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