HeroClix Excalibur and Gen13


Hey all you HeroClix fans, The Hidden Lair has you covered for the Marvel Excalibur and DC Gen13 series and we finally have in our Organized Play promos to hand out.

And let me tell you, these guys are awesome. How awesome? Let's take a look.

First, let's take a look at Marvel’s Excalibur series. Not going to lie, when I was younger Excalibur was MY comic. I am an X-Men fan from way back and Excalibur had all of my favorites in it. We are talking Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, later on Colossus, Phoenix, Captain Britain, Megan, and many other greats. As for the promos, we are looking at the sluethiest of mutants, Pete Wisdom, the wielder of the Excalibur itself, Captain Britain, and the New Mutant era Cannonball. Of note, Pete Wisdom hits hard. His penetrating/psychic blast ignores all damage reducers and thanks to his sharpshooter, his already formidable damage is boosted when he is adjacent to another character. Captain Britain reduces dice rolls of characters with the Shape Change or Super Sense ability by 1 for defenses. His powers – namely invincibility – also cannot be countered early on by characters of a lower cost. Lastly, we have Cannonball who has Energy Shield/Deflection, Invulnerable when moving, and his own special version of Hypersonic Speed.

Next we have the Gen13 promos. To start with we have John Lynch, the telekinetic founder of Gen13, Sarah Rainmaker, Gen13’s weather-controller, and Cheshire the sneaky little assassin best known – at least to me – from her appearances in the incredible Young Justice show. John Lynch serves as a great team player as he gives anyone with the Gen13 or Team 7 keywords and extra Team Ability. Rainmaker is great for defense, as her Sheets of Rain can be used to cover your whole team. Finally, Cheshire is both Poisonous and Stealth – traited – and has some great abilities that make use of these, such as being able to ignore elevation and hindrances in terrain. Overall, this is a great set.

The Hidden Lair would love to get more involved in HeroClix Events, but to do that we need your participation. If you are interested in seeing some Clix events taking place, then give us a call or come into the store and let us know. We want to see more Clix action happening in the Decatur/Mt. Zion area as you do. Otherwise, if you would like to get your hands on some of these awesome Promos then come on by and talk to Andy. He will be glad to set you up with some of them.

Remember to stop by every Sunday at 6pm for our weekly HeroClix Let’s Play. You can see how the game is run and even try it out for yourself and be sure to ask Andy about our HeroClix Grab Bags.

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