December 2014 Friday Night Magic or FNM Decatur, IL


The December promo card for Friday Night Magic is in and it is the awesome instant Stoke the Flames.

For 2 red and 2 colorless mana, you roast your opponent or their creature for 4 damage. Pretty good, pretty good. Basically 1 damage per mana. Fairly basic. What makes this card a beast is its Convoke ability, which allows you to tap creatures you control rather than pay its mana cost. Combine this card with a bunch of 1/1 minions and you have an awesome 4 damage instant you can level against either a creature or your opponent for 0 mana.

Be sure to stop by the Lair every Friday for Friday Night Magic for the chance to add this awesome instant to your collection as well as take your shot at the coveted title of Champion of the Lair, where you will get your own article written of your epic victory here on The Hidden Lair’s site for all to see as well as all the awards showered upon such a champion.

Feel free to stay after FNM and play one of our many games for free in the much larger and improved Demo Section. With games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Kaijudo, Netrunner, Quarriors, Dice Masters, and Heroclix, you can always find someone in our store to play just about any game with.

Also be sure to check in with Andy about all upcoming events, promos, and deals on all things Magic: the Gathering and also vote for your favorite local teacher.

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