HeroClix: The Flash Unboxing


Excited for the new Flash HeroClix set to come out? Well check out some of the incredible new figs that are going to be released with this latest expansion thanks to the people over at WizKids.

Following on the heels of the War of Light set, this latest HeroClix run features the greatest speedster to come out of DC Comics, the Flash. In this set we will be seeing a lot of new figures as well as new versions of old favorites. The Authority will be making its HeroClix debut and, appearing as a sub-theme of the set, the infamous Flash Rogues will be brought up to speed – pardon the pun – with new sculpts and abilities. Fan’s Choice figure, Etrigan the Demon, will be making his return to Clix, as shown in the video, only this time he comes without any activation as this the demon himself without any ties to Jason Blood. We will also see the release of the much talked about (for good or ill) World Champion figure of Harley Quinn in the lap of the HeroClix world champion.

So far we do not know much about the new mechanics or updated character abilities found in the Flash set, so we will have to wait for that until more details are made available. We do, however, have some info regarding the main man himself.

The new feature about the Flash is his trait called Speed Force which states that every time the Flash moves at least 1 square and hits one or more adjacent opponents he gets a speed token. What can these speed tokens do? You can use them to boost his already insane Speed 13, adding one for each token. You can also use his trait Faster than Thought which allows him to use a speed token to re-roll a Super Senses roll. Finally, with Flash Fact, you can gain additional powers as you gain more speed tokens. With 2, he gains Empower. With 3 he can use Enhancement. With 4 speed tokens on his card, the Flash gets Probability Control. This all works together to make the new Flash a very powerful contender in any game.

The Chase theme for the Flash HeroClix is going to be the Trinity of Sin, an interesting lead-in to the next major HeroClix set, Trinity War. Unfortunately there is also word that HeroClix Flash will begin the switch in prize support for Organized Play. WizKids has revealed only a single special object for the set and there are no OP Limited Edition figures as there have been in previous sets.

Scheduled to come out this Fall, the Flash HeroClix set looks like it is going to be a fantastic run.

Interested in trying HeroClix out for yourself? Stop on in and ask us to show you the basics. We would be happy to give you a run down and will even try to set up a game for you, if you would like. It's easy to learn and a blast to play.

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