Shadowun Fifth Edition is happening at The Hidden Lair


Hoi, chummers.

This week Joshua Garrett, the Gamemaster over at, will be starting a Shadowrun Fifth Edition campaign here at The Hidden Lair, and there are still seats available at the table if you would like to play. The game is scheduled for Thursday, October 23 at 7pm and will run until around 10pm, continuing every other Thursday in the same fashion. Currently there are four players already signed up for the game, but we would be glad to have a few more if you are interested in giving Shadowrun a try.

Shadowrun is a cyber-punk urban fantasy game set in 2075 where the players take on the roles of “shadowrunners,” a special breed of criminal that specializes in taking jobs given to them by a “Mr. Johnson” that usually has them going up against one of the 10 most powerful Megacorporations in all the Sixth World. Often explained as “D&D meets Blade Runner,” Shadowrun is a game that blends the magic and wonder of high fantasy with the gritty realism of a future dystopian setting that only cyber-punk can offer.

All players are welcome, but there are only 2 seats still available and they will go to whomever claims them first. No previous experience with Shadowrun is required though, admittedly, Shadowrun is not the easiest game to learn for new players. Even so, we will be glad to help you out and teach you how to play.

If you are interested then let us know as soon as you can so we can reserve you a spot.

This first game will include character creation and – time permitting – a basic rundown of the rules of the game. Even if you are not interested in playing, feel free to come by and watch if you are interested in learning a bit about the game. Material from the Core Rulebook, Run & Gun, and Street Grimoire will be available.

We hope to see you there, and remember;

Watch your back, shoot strait, conserve ammo, and never, EVER cut a deal with a dragon.

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