Indianapolis Regionals: Zach Becker Is Going to Nationals


It was a cool Spring morning when nine Brave Duelists embarked from the sanctity of The Hidden Lair to the far-off land of Indianapolis to compete in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional's. As the Day progressed, the 369 player field dwindled, as did the Lair faithfuls. Finally, it came down to the last round where one of our local players, Zach Becker, had a shot on the bubble to make it to Nationals. Zach’s Mermails stood the test of the day, carrying him to a 5-3 record going into the last round. His final opponent was playing a deck he was all too-familiar with—Baby Racoons. His opponent put up a good fight, but was ultimately overthrown by the Tidal Force that was Mermails. Zach, now at 6-3, was still a long shot to make it, yet he remained hopeful. The results were posted and out of the 48 invites of the day, 47th on the list was Zach Becker. The Hidden Lair is extended its Congratulations to Zach Becker for receiving his invite to Nationals! May the Heart of the Cards be with you on your journey!


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