Andy’s Review of the Week: Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men


Well, the time has come. Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men is finally here! This game has been highly anticipated by myself, and a number of our regulars, and now we are stoked! I opened 60 boosters and my first impression is that the packaging is great and beautiful. However, the cards can get a little beat up, although they do flatten out nicely. After I was finished, I looked at what I got and was amazed! I got all of the commons (minus quite a few rares and uncommons) but the distribution in the packs are 1 common and 1 random per pack. There appears to be 1 super rare per gravity feed, so these will prove highly sought after.

After looking through the cards, the possibilities allow endless game play. The game is simple–the player starts with a dice pool of 8 Sidekicks/Minions, then each player rolls 4 at a time and uses the resulting energy to buy the dice of your characters or actions. Each team consist of up to 8 characters or actions, with no more than 20 dice among them. Every time you buy a die, it is added to your used pile then cycled into your pool once it is empty. The game becomes even more interesting once the characters start flying around the table, but I’ll let you experience that for yourselves.

The games are played with 20 life–once you receive 20 points of damage you lose. Damage can be dealt either by characters or actions, and is a limited commodity. Players must be careful and build a strategy that will allow you to survive long enough to take down your opponent. I have played many games with limited character options but now with all these new characters I can't wait to go out there and test my skills! (Hopefully against you!) That’s what I think, so tell me your opinions and bring in your teams! I’ll play anytime! Dice Masters…It’s a Thing at The Hidden Lair.

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