Siding for and against Qliphorts


In today’s meta-gaming for Yu-Gi-Oh, there are new inventive ways to go against high tier decks, lots of old cards are becoming useful once again. Today we are going to go over how to destroy the newest deck Qliphorts.


Lots of old cards like Fairy Wind are going to be seen in all side decks against Qliphorts. Since this deck is the newest of all meta-decks there are a ton of siding options against them if need be. A lot of people are using spell shattering arrow to destroy Qliphort Scout before allowing the opponent to use its effect and causing 500+ damage after the card resolves.

You can also use System down against your opponent even though it will not hit scout but it will destroy and banish all machine type monsters your opponent currently controls and in their graveyard. Your opponent will quickly scoop and give you that game once you have activated this card and he or she does not have a response.


As I previously stated Fairy Wind is going to be the best card to use against Qliphort players. It not only will target pendulum monsters it will also get rid of cards like Skill Drain and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. You could also side twister at the cost of 500 life you can destroy a pendulum monster or possibly a Skill Drain that is posing issues on the board. Two other great cards for pendulum distraction is Malevolent Catastrophe and Full House. These two cards can wipe the entire field and enable you to finish off them before they swarm the field. But a classic option will be Mystical Space Typhoon because it will destroy scout enabling them to go off.

Some good monster choices are both fire and Ice Hand. They will wipe the board because Ice Hand can target the pendulum monsters for destruction. They allow you to clear the board and set your place up next turn if need be.

Really different choice to use is mask of restrict. This makes your opponent unable to tribute any of their monsters to summon.

But I don’t want to talk about just how to go against the deck I want to tell you how they can side against you.

One interesting card that we have found is Sealing ceremony of Mokuton. Say if they were going against a Bujin player they can remove two cards from their opponents graveyard and tribute one of their Qliphort monsters to activate their effects as well. For example if they tributed helix or carrier their effects would go off as well on top of Mokutons. Another interesting card is Madolche Nights. It negates the effect of a effect monster if it tries to activate it’s effect. It’s a great card to side against the mirror match.

I was looking at so I decks that people have used at the ARG tournament last week in Raleigh. I noticed someone using a emergency teleport and a re-cover to make a first turn Naturia Beast to fight off spells such as spell shattering arrow. It’s interesting side deck choice but it can be very effective against Shaddolls and any spell heavy decks.

Wiretap is good in my open in to get rid of possible problems like cursed seal of the forbidden spell. But I think trap stun is more effective in the deck than wiretap but wiretap can be a good side option if you want extra protection.

Monarchs Stormforth is in my opinion probably the best common card ever printed outside of vanity’s emptiness and a few countless others. It allows Qliphorts to use your opponents monsters as tribute instead of theirs if they need it. Giving them more options when they side deck because your opponent will be trying to get rid of scout as fast as they can so you can go off no matter what with Stormforth.

 Is there any options that you think I missed? If so leave a comment in the comment section below so we can have a thorough discussion on how to go against Qliphorts and how they can go against other decks.

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