Underrated Archetype: Melodious Diva


After New Challengers was released a interesting archetype had the card necessary to make the deck viable. Melodious Divas’ are fairy/light monsters with effects that activate when they are special summoned or bringing back Light fairy monsters from the grave to your hand to special summon them once again.


What made the deck viable was the release of 1st Movement Solo. This card allows you to search your deck for 1 level 4 or lower monster and special summon it from your deck to your field if you do not control any monsters currently. When I play-tested the deck I almost always grabbed Aria the Melodious Diva. When she is special summoned your monsters cannot be targeted by card effects or be destroyed by battle. She is one of the monsters in the deck that doesn’t special summon itself 

Canon, the Melodious Diva can special summon herself if a “Melodious” monster is on the field. Her effect really has no purpose at the time unless you need to change a battle position of a monster. She is a great card to make Rank 4 monsters or used with Transmodify to turn her into Elgey, The Melodious Diva to give your monsters a 300 attack boost and also have a 2300 beat stick on the field.

Our boss monsters of the deck aren’t the greatest but definately have their uses! Shopia, The Melodious Diva and Mozarta, The Melodious Diva are the big beaters of the deck. With Mozarta you can special summon 1 Light fairy monster from your hand once per turn and Shopia allows you to get light fairy monsters from your graveyard and put them into your hand. These two work well in conjunction with each other but one fairy still rules them all… Archlord Kristya. If you successfully activate Aria’s effect and have exactly 4 fairy type monsters in the graveyard your opponent will have to deal with Kristya before special summoning any more. But since Aria is out on the field it’s just that much harder to get rid of her.

Other great cards to play in conjunction with 1st Movement Solo is Hecatrice and Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen. This gives you more special summoning options on your first turn if you need it or if somehow you don’t have anything to protect yourself after your opponent wiped the board clean.


Necessary tech cards are always needed in decks like these. Summoner Monk is a great addition because you can special summon a Melodious Diva from your deck that is level 4. Herald of Orange Light gives you a little negation and destruction power while also fueling the graveyard for the special summon of Archlord Kristya. Last but not least, the always present card in a light type deck…Honest! He is a shoe in because it allows you to get around things if need be.

Come into the store, buy some packs of New Challengers, do a little trading and this deck could easily be yours! If there is enough interest in this archetype I will create a combo video for you all just so you can see it in action!

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