The Hidden Lair Game of the Week: RAMPAGE!!


Sometimes, you may need a new outlet for your urge to break something without any financial/relationship/blood loss. You may need to stop by and try Rampage!

After picking out your monster and building your game board, you can then trample, blow down, shake around, and ping the helpless inhabitants of Meeple City. Smack buildings with your feet and growl. Blow your nasty acid breath on everyone, and throw an ice cream truck at an old lady! Knock your opponents over and break off their teeth! Drop your monster on the board and ruin everything. The best monster impression gets to move first! Stress be gone!

The monster that has devoured the most Meeples, cars, and buildings wins. Different combinations of abilities and special powers mean that you never play the same game twice.

Stop by and try before you buy! Rampage is located in our free Demo section. Ages 8 and up. 

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