November Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to The Hidden Lair November Monthly Newsletter!

A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same since our October Monthly Newsletter. Continuing on from October we have our Kids/Teen Chess Club on Sundays. And we have another drawing at the end of the month! Full set of events are as follows:

Every Tuesday:  Tabletop Tuesdays (All Day)

Every Wednesday: Warhammer Wednesdays (All Day)

Every Thursday: Open Game Night (Excludes Thanksgiving as we will be closed for the Holiday)

Every Friday: Friday Night Magic (Begins at 6pm. Don't forget to come in for Black Friday Savings on the 26th! Friday Night Magic will still be hosted!)

Saturday November 6th: MTG Sealed Commander Tournamen

Saturday November 13th: Warhammer 40K Tournament

Saturday November 20th: The Hidden Lair Adventurers Guild

Saturday November 27th: Kids Paint Day

The 2nd Sunday-The 4th Sunday: Kids/Teen Chess Club


The 1st Sunday of the month we will be having a memorial service for one of our regular customers who sadly passed away earlier this year and will not be hosting Chess Club on that day.

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