October Monthly Newsletter

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Welcome to The Hidden Lair October Newsletter!

This month we are having a drawing at the end of the month at our Halloween Party on October 31st along with a bunch of fun events! Did you know we now have a Kids/Teens Chess Club? Click the link to check it out!  We apologize that we have not posted a Monthly Newsletter since February 2015.  Some of things are the same and we have added a bunch of new events and activities.  One of the big changes to our events is Casual Commander during Friday Night Magic / FNM.

Below is a list of events on the calendar for this month

October 9th- Warhammer 40k Casual Play
October 10th- Warhammer AoS Casual Play
October 16th- Magic The Gathering Tournament
October 17th- Magic the Gathering Casual Play
October 23rd- The Hidden Lair Adventure's Guild
October 24th- Chthulu Rpg
October 30th- Halloween Paint Party during the day Halloween Games during the Evening
October 31st- Halloween Kids Day
Friday nights- MTG Casual Commander
Tuesdays-Thursdays- Open Game nights
Store Closed Mondays!


Check in often for updates on links to more information!
For more information on events and how to enter the drawing you can check out the links below:
Don't forget to check us out on The Hidden Lair Facebook:

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  • Posted on by Derrick Bradshaw

    Great line-up!!!!

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