The Hidden Lair Newsletter January 2015


Happy New Year! 2014 was an amazing year for The Hidden Lair. Let’s work on making 2015 even better. We have lots of new things coming out, and we are excited to share them with you.

Starting in 2015 each day we will feature a different game! This game will be setup at our gaming tables and free to play, and our staff will be there to help teach. Check Facebook for details, Don’t like the demo of the day? Then just come in anytime, grab a game off of our Demo shelf, and try it out. Don’t know how to play? Let our staff sit down and teach you! Our Demo section is growing!

Current Monthly Promotional Material, contact our store for ways to win these amazing prizes.

Be sure to come into The Hidden Lair every Friday for Friday Night Magic, where you get your chance to earn great prizes along with the coveted title of Champion of the Lair, including an article written here on the site about your incredible victory!

Monthly Sponsored Donations (5% sales): Vote for your Favorite Teacher! Remember, voting ends February 1st, so get in and cast your votes now for whichever local teacher you think should be most honored for all they have done.


Magic the Gathering Pre-release, sneak peek

Here are the times for the Magic the Gathering Fate Reforged Prerelease
January 17: Midnight Sealed
January 17: Noon Sealed
January 17: 5:00pm Sealed
January 18: 3:00pm Sealed
January 18: 6:00pm Sealed

We are still looking for Knights of the Hidden Lair. With each month we are adding more players and more games. Lead the charge to help us grow your favorite game and get free swag plus a discount, store wide. Contact Andy for more details, by calling the store. 217.864.1851

January League Structure—Check store for details!

Magic The Gathering, Standard Construction
Magic The Gathering, Modern Construction
Magic The Gathering, EDH Play
Kaijudo, Standard Construction
Heroclix, 300pt Construction
Heroclix, 500pt Construction
Heroclix, Draft Format
Yu-Gi-Oh, Standard Construction
Netrunner, Standard Construction
Dice Masters, unknown structure

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