December – 2013 Newsletter


Demo Game Of The Week
December 5th – December 11: The Many Types of Flux
December 12th – December 18th: Settlers of Catan
December 19th – December 25th: Quarriors
December 26th – January 2nd: Train Stations

Each week we will choose a game to feature for Demo Day. Come into our store and let us show you how to play! We also carry a large variety of other games for you to check out at your leisure. Bring the family in and make it a family game night to remember!

Friday Night Magic or FNM promotional card
Saturday Duel Days promotional card

Monthly Sponsored Donations (5% sales): Webster Cantrell Hall
- we will donate 5% of all sales to Webster Cantrell Hall this month. If you have a charity you would like to nominate, please let us know. We will pick a new one each month!

Announcements: We will be Closed Wednesday the 25th for Christmas and Wednesday January 1st for New Years. We are hosting a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign in the Shop on Thursday Nights this Month we currently have a party started but are willing to add more players at anytime. With Christmas around the corner and the next Magic the Gathering set just a few months later we are taking pre-orders on the new set and pre-registering for the Pre-Release starting this month.

With month one behind us, we at The Hidden Lair, would like to thank everyone for their patience and support. We are excited for this month's events which we have been posted on the website and Facebook.

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