Citadel Water Pot (2018) GAW 60-07
More than just a container holding water, the Citadel Water Pot has been designed by painters, for painters. Constructed from durable grey plastic, the base and inner side walls of the water pot have ribbed sections, whose textures have been...
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Plastic Glue: Citadel GAW 66-53-99
Designed specifically for assembling plastic Citadel miniatures, Citadel Plastic Glue comes in a bottle with a handy applicator nozzle, making it as easy as possible to put your models together.
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Spring Grass: Battlefields & Basing WLG WGS-STG-02
500ml Spring Grass - a great way to add a touch more reality to your battlefield. Summer Grass comes in our Plastic Factory Sealed Tubs, which can stack neatly on top of each other, to keep your work bench clean...
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